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Telemedicine services offered in Woodlands and Shenandoah, TX

Telemedicine makes it easier for those who need psychiatry care to get it. Kingwood Psychiatry in Kingwood and The Woodlands, Texas, is a full-service psychiatric practice specializing in diagnosing and treating many mental health disorders. They use telemedicine for evaluations, psychotherapy, and medication management. Call the Kingwood Psychiatry office nearest you today or schedule your telemedicine appointment online.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a remote visit with a health care professional. Instead of seeing your provider at their office, you visit them remotely from somewhere else convenient for you (home or office), meeting by phone or video call.

With advances in communication technology and medical care, telemedicine makes it easier than ever for you to get the health services necessary to promote your well-being.

Kingwood Psychiatry offers several services through telemedicine.

Am I a candidate for telemedicine?

Kingwood Psychiatry will consider you a candidate for telemedicine if you have a mental health condition that would benefit from treatment but you can’t get to the office.

Before making any specific treatment recommendations, a Kingwood Psychiatry staff member will do a quick phone intake to make sure telemedicine is the right choice for you.

Kingwood Psychiatry treats all mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. They also provide care for people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism.

The general psychiatry practice manages the mental health needs of all ages children, teenagers, and adults.

What are telemedicine services?

Kingwood Psychiatry provides several services through telemedicine, including:

Initial psychiatric evaluations

Your provider can conduct your initial psychiatric evaluation through telemedicine. During this visit, they review your symptoms, medical and mental health history, and goals. They can also perform psychological testing that helps them better understand your mental and emotional well-being and confirm or rule out a diagnosis. 

They could request you meet with your primary care provider for a physical exam and lab work if they didn’t get enough information through telemedicine to make an informed diagnosis.


Psychotherapy is one of the most essential treatments people with mental illness undergo. Your therapist can use telemedicine for these appointments, saving you travel time and fuel costs.

Medication management

Psychiatric medications are also part of the treatment for mental health conditions. Your provider can use telemedicine to prescribe, monitor, and adjust your medication and provide refills.

What can I expect from telemedicine?

You can expect the same attentive and compassionate care through telemedicine that you’d get from an in-office visit. Kingwood Psychiatry requests that you find a quiet and well-lit space for your visit.

Your provider spends time talking with you, helping you develop strategies to ease your symptoms so you can live your best life.

Call Kingwood Psychiatry or schedule your telemedicine appointment online today.