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5 Benefits of Psychiatry for Better Mental Health

Jun 01, 2023
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Good mental health is essential to happiness, yet millions struggle with mental illnesses that go undiagnosed and untreated. Psychiatric treatment is essential to overcoming mental health problems, and here are some reasons why.

 It is far too easy to overlook personal and emotional problems, and according to data from the Mental Health America website, one in five US adults have some form of diagnosable mental health condition, and nearly half of Americans will meet the criteria in their lifetime. Millions of people struggle with a wide variety of mental illnesses, such as anxiety, addiction, bipolar disorder, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and don’t get the help they need to improve their mental health.

Psychiatry is a form of medicine that focuses on emotional, mental, and behavioral conditions and is instrumental in helping people cope with these issues. Let’s explore how it can benefit you by examining what your mental health is, what psychiatry is, and how it can help you navigate these problems and improve your outlook on life.

If you live in the Woodlands or Kingwood, Texas, and you’re struggling with emotional, behavioral, or mental problems, Dr. Athi Venkatesh and his experienced team at Kingwood Psychiatry can help.

Understanding mental health

This is a broad term that describes your state of mental well-being, and it makes it possible for you to handle several things, including coping with stress, learning and working, realizing your potential, and contributing to society. Your mental health is directly tied to how you see the world and your place in it, and it is as much a search for your own personal contentment as it is dealing with problems as they come. Your range of emotions and behaviors is a part of your mental health and is part of how you react and respond to the world around you.

Defining psychiatry 

This branch of medicine is designed to diagnose, prevent, and treat problems with your mental health, and a person trained as a psychiatrist has years of medical school and specialized training as a resident in this field. Since many medical conditions can affect emotions and behavior, a psychiatrist is trained to determine the difference between symptoms of other medical problems and mental illness. They offer therapy and counseling but can also prescribe medications to help with mental illnesses if necessary. They can also specialize in different branches of related care, including 

  • Addiction: helping patients with problems coping with substance abuse
  • Child and adolescent: helping children and teens navigate mental, emotional, and behavioral problems
  • Consultation liaison: treating patients with complex mental health or medical issues
  • Forensic: patients struggling in the legal system of correctional facilities
  • Geriatric: working with the elderly to improve mental health problems
  • Hospice/palliative: helping patients navigate serious, life-threatening illnesses

How it can help

Good mental health is a benefit to everyone, and here are just some ways psychiatry can help you achieve it:

1. Creating a positive self-image

How we see ourselves is vital to our mental health, and if your problems create a strong sense of low self-esteem, it can color how you perceive everything. Psychiatric help can help you build a healthier view of yourself.

2. Building healthier relationships

Mental health problems can affect how you interact with the world around you and put a strain on your connection to family, friends, and loved ones. Counseling, group therapy, and other methods can help you understand what’s wrong and help you grow from it.

3. Learning to cope with stress

If you’re always reacting to events under great stress, it affects both your outlook on life and your physical health. Counseling and different forms of therapy can help you understand the triggers of stress and how to overcome them.

4. Helping you face your problems

A big part of getting help for any problems is coming to grips with what’s wrong, and psychiatrists work to help you understand your problems so you can learn and grow from them.

5. Becoming more productive

Depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses affect how you see the world, how you interact with people, and how you respond to situations. Different forms of psychiatric treatment can help you get through many of these illnesses to help you live a more fulfilling and productive life with a better mental health outlook.

Mental health is essential to every part of your life, and if you’re struggling, please make an appointment with Dr. Venkatesh and the team at Kingwood Psychiatry today to help you improve your outlook on life.